GOLD-LINE Tool Holder with Integrated Cooling

Enhance Your Machining Efficiency with the Multidec®-CUT GOLD-LINE Tool Holder with Integrated Cooling!

The Utilis Multidec®-CUT GOLD-LINE tool holder is engineered through a specialised manufacturing process to revolutionise efficiency in grooving and turning on automatic lathes. The innovative cooling system is designed to double the lifetime of cutting edges and significantly enhance cutting parameters without increasing wear.

Two versions are available:

  1. IC+ (IC-Plus): Features a chip breaker and clearance angle cooling.
  2. IC-FK: Exclusively equipped with clearance angle cooling, ideal for use with the multidec®-LUB clamping wedges with integrated cooling.

These tools also come with a handy QR code printed on them for all the essential information on safe handling of this tool!

Key Advantages:

➡ 3D coolant holes with optimised clearance angle cooling.
➡ Chip breaker cooling for improved chip control, reduced built-up edge, and extended tool life.
➡ Potential tool life increase up to 185%.
➡ PVD coating for superior wear and corrosion protection, offering 7 times better adhesion than conventional galvanisation and enhanced environmental friendliness.

    Find the specs for the IC+ and IC-FK here.

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