Performance boost in the cutting arena!

Utilis AG offer a huge range of tooling for both Swiss turning (sliding head) and also for fixed head lathes.

One of their strengths is the range of grooving tooling with high accuracy and groove widths as narrow as 0.05mm – yes you read the correctly, 50 microns of a millimetre (in inches that’s 2 thousandths of an inch!)

We now have a range of grooving inserts and tool holders available on our website for you to purchase direct from us. If the size that you want isn’t there, just ask and we’ll get a quotation for you!

➡ Inserts

➡ Toolholders

The grooving/turning mutildec®-CUT 1600 tool system is ideal for sliding headstock automatic lathes with bar capacity up to a maximum of Ø10mm, and also suitable for larger sliding-head and fixed head machines. The inserts have two cutting edges. There is also a wide range of high-quality holders with shank cross-sections from 7 to 25mm.

➡ Large selection of cutting geometries with special chip grooves for machining very small parts
➡ Standard threading inserts with full profile from M0.2 (pitch 0.06mm)
➡ Grooving inserts with standard widths from 0.05mm

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