Utilis multidec®-LUB

In today’s competitive environment, efficiency and process reliability are crucial. multidec®-LUB significantly boosts both for your sliding headstock machine. UTILIS offers two innovative options for integrated coolant application: 

Complete Tool Plate:

Lubricant flows through the tool plate directly to the cutting edge. This setup simplifies connections by eliminating distributors and hoses.

     Quick change system

Quick and accurate tool change due to adjustable stops in the tool plate


     Flow regulator at the clamping shin

Targeted regulation of mould cooling with on/off function.


     Two coolant outlets at the clamping shim

Reduced tool wear due to focused cooling directly at the cutting edge. Thanks to the integrated coolant system, externally mounted coolant connections are not required.


     Coolant connections at the plate

A wide range of connection options ensures direct connection to the coolant unit.



  • Easy installation, by replacing the original plate with the multidec®-LUB complete tool plate, increasing process reliability
  • Quick and safe tool change due to integrated stop
  • The tool holders without internal cooling (IC) can continue to be used
  • No more coolant manifolds and hoses needed



Replacement Shims:

Maintain your original tool plate and enhance it with multidec®-LUB shims, directing lubricant precisely to the cutting edge.

The multidec-LUB clamping wedge directs the coolant precisely onto the tool cutting edge even at low pressure. The flexible stop makes a safe and quick change of cutting edges possible. The coolant supply in high and low pressure goes through a distributor block or directly into the multidec®-LUB clamping wedge.

For high-pressure and low-pressure complete solutions, coolant distributors with 2 to 8 outlets, hoses in various designs and lengths as well as various screw fittings and quick couplings are available as accessories.


  • Easy installation by replacing the original tensioning wedge with the multidec®-LUB tensioning wedge, increasing process reliability
  • Quick and safe tool change due to integrated stop
  • The tool holders without internal cooling (IC) can still be used
  • Various coolant distributors, hoses and push-in fittings for high and low pressure from the multidec®-LUB coolant system range are available


The first option is a little more complex, but has the great advantage that only one coolant connection to the tooling plate is required. The lubricant distributor and connecting hoses are completely eliminated.

Both solutions offer flexibility with high and low-pressure accessories, ensuring you can use existing inserts and holders.

The great advantage of the UTILIS multidec®-LUB system is that you are completely independent and can use your existing inserts and insert holders.

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