Utilis multidec®-MULTITASK

You can now buy Utilis multidec®-MULTITASK direct from our online store. If you are in the UK, Ireland or Australia you can’t get these anywhere else as we are the exclusive agent for Utilis! 

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Being solid and compact, multidec®-MULTITASK tool holders have an enormous advantage for turning operations on multitask machines. Specially-designed tools are used with the machine spindle during the turning process and allows work to be done very close to the main or opposed spindle.

Different turning options


  • Monobloc tools with interchangeable inserts

  • Compact and solid design

  • The insert is positioned on the centre line (this guarantees a very precise cutting edge height and high repeatability while also reducing the load on the spindle)

  • All tools are equipped with integrated coolant supply

  • High-quality UTILIS inserts from the multidec®-CUT, -ISO, -TOP and -BORE MICRO series can be used 

MULTITASK toolholders can be used on milling and turning centres  such as WILLEMIN-MACODEL, BUMOTEC, TSUGAMI and other multi-tasking machines that are equipped with HSK and PSC spindles and can perform turning operations with a stationary machine spindle.

Willemin-Macodel: 308MT2, 308 S2, 408 MT, 408 MTS, 408 S2, 508 MT, 508 MT2, 508S2 series

Bumotec: S181, S191-V, S191 neo series

Tsugami: HS38MH-5AX series

Want to try it for yourself? If you have a model that isn’t listed, aren’t sure if they will fit your machine or want to know more get in touch with us.

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